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Students studying for the bar exam are always looking for more—more questions, more explanations, more insights. And we think you deserve more. That's why we have teamed up with UWorld, the leader in helping students pass high-stakes multiple-choice exams. With over 2,200 MBE-type questions, including 1,575+ NCBE licensed questions, UWorld’s MBE QBank is the perfect complement to your Themis Bar Review course. Using both Themis and UWorld in tandem gives you the best of both worlds, including well over 4,200 MBE-type questions, improving your chances of passing the bar exam. And, better yet, you can start studying now with immediate access to UWorld’s MBE QBank.

Themis Bar Review

Themis Bar Review is the nation’s leader in online full bar exam preparation. Designed to improve retention and combat mental fatigue, Themis keeps its lectures short, averaging 15 to 20 minutes each to help students study for the bar more efficiently and effectively. With Themis’s Adaptive Calendar and Study Pacer, students stay on track as daily assignments adapt based on performance and progress. Students stay engaged and motivated with green-screen technology, innovative learning visuals, and advanced performance analytics. Don’t take our word for it, 95% of July 2020 Themis Bar Review users said they would recommend the course to others.

UWorld’s MBE QBank

UWorld is the worldwide leader in online learning to prepare for high-stakes exams and has helped millions of undergraduate, graduate, and professional students prepare for their exams. With the launch of its MBE QBank, UWorld has added law students to its repertoire of successful exam takers. The questions in UWorld’s MBE QBank feature in-depth explanations accompanied by charts and illustrations to help boost your MBE score. UWorld adopts a proven active-learning approach to bar prep by providing quality questions with learning tools such as flashcards, notes, and a highlight function to help you study smarter and remember information efficiently. Create customized practice tests to reinforce the concepts learned in law school, and then use the performance monitoring feature to help you identify your weaker areas, so you know where to focus.

Themis Bar Review + UWorld MBE Qbank = Bar Exam Mastery

Any purchase of a 2022 Themis Bar Review course entitles you to free access to the UWorld MBE QBank -- it’s the perfect supplement to help you ace the MBE and pass the bar. You can create customized practice tests by MBE topic to reinforce the concepts learned in law school. Plus, performance monitoring helps you identify your weaker areas, so you know where to focus on improving.

The Themis + UWorld bundle provides unparalleled content expertise, flexibility, incredible value, and the extra boost to pass the bar exam.
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Themis Bar Review Key Features

Best Value—The most fairly priced comprehensive bar review course available; save when you get the Themis Bar Review + UWorld MBE QBank bundle.

Pass Rates Published Every Year—Review how many Themis users passed the bar in your jurisdiction before buying.

Adaptive Calendar and Study Pacer—Keep your study schedule on track with assignments that adapt based on your performance and progress.

Engagement and Motivation—Innovative green-screen technology and advanced performance analytics keep you actively learning and on target for bar exam success.

Short Lectures—20-minute lectures followed by assessment questions for maximum retention.

Unlimited Essay Grading—Submit as many essays for grading by your Dedicated Attorney Grader as you need until you feel confident.

UWorld’s MBE QBank Key Features

Practice with real questions:
Customizable Exams—Create unlimited online practice tests.
Licensed Questions—Over 2,200 MBE practice questions with more than 1,575 released by NCBE.

Practice on the go:
Mobile-Friendly—Mobile app enables studying anytime, anywhere, even on the go.

Learn efficiently:
Digital Flashcards—Study smarter and improve retention by creating flashcards for quick review.
Active Learning—Flag questions, highlight questions and explanations, and connect important concepts to review later.
Vivid Images—Illustrations, flowcharts, and timelines reinforce rules and rationales.

Track your progress:
Readiness Tracking—A full-length assessment simulates the real MBE, lets you see how you stack up against your peers, and helps you identify areas of improvement ahead of the actual exam.

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