Law School Essentials™

Themis offers free Law School Essentials courses,
each tailored to subjects that are covered in your
1L and 2L/3L years.


Succeed in Law School

It’s no secret that law school is challenging. That’s why our Law School Essentials™ (LSE) programs include law school outlines, lecture videos, subject-specific Key Concept Sheets, and other comprehensive review materials for your 1L curriculum and 2L/3L subjects.

Get More Than Just Law School Outlines

All LSE subjects are taught by our distinguished bar review faculty, and are accompanied by Key Concept Sheets to reference while you watch the video lectures . These tools summarize each of the subjects’ commonly covered cases, frequently tested rules, and legal concepts.

Our subject-specific law school outlines cover explanations and examples of the blackletter law for each subject, as well as examination tips. LSE courses are also equipped with multiple-choice practice question sets and essay practice questions , by subject.

Get to Know Themis

Our LSE programs are absolutely free and come with no obligation. They give you a chance to get to know Themis and our study programs. The courses include:

1L Subjects

Civil Procedure

Constitutional Law


Criminal Law



2L/3L Subjects

Constitutional Law


Criminal Procedure


Wills & Trusts


What if I prefer to only use some resources, not all?

The Themis LSE courses include law school outlines, lecture videos, multiple-choice question sets, and subject-specific Key Concept Sheets that you can use as complements to one another or independently.

Why should I use Themis’s Law School Essentials courses?

The LSE method of instruction is the same as in our bar review courses: using our Themis student platform to watch short, targeted lectures taught by highly qualified professors who specialize in the topic. This will allow you a chance to get to know our study programs before beginning your bar review study process.

How do Themis’s LSE courses help me in the long run?

The Themis methodology is specifically designed to combat the limitations of short-term memory and help students learn more efficiently. Themis is built at the intersection of instructional design research and decades of experience with the bar exam. Our bar review course framework is set up to keep your attention and processing power focused on the task at hand. Why not use a similar approach for your law school courses? Learn more about how we have designed our courses here.

Can I use the resources on-the-go?

Yes, you can take advantage of our E-Reader outlines and mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

Study anywhere. Pass the bar.

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