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Choose between our Full Bar Review Course or our enhanced Tech Package, which includes a 256GB iPad for convenient mobile access to all lectures and assessment questions. Themis offers courses in 49 jurisdictions.

The Full Bar Review course includes textbook outlines, online lectures and assessment questions for testable subjects, performance tests, practice essays and MBE questions, graded essays, and simulated exams with analysis lectures. Students can download the lectures and assessment questions using the Themis app for convenient offline access to course content.

When you choose Themis Bar Review for your studies, we work with your firm directly for your billing. If your firm is not listed below, please include the name and email address of your office’s recruiting contact and we will set up billing promptly.

Please note, there is currently a 6-7 week backorder in place for the 9th generation iPad from our vendors. You will receive an email with tracking information once your iPad has been shipped from the Themis office. It can take up to 8 weeks for you to receive your iPad.

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Please include the name and email address of your office’s recruiting contact, and we will set up billing promptly

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